ten things (about me)

I saw other blogs like Srsly Liz do this somewhat recently, so I thought I’d be fun to jump in. :)

1. As a little kid, I was constantly running around, climbing trees and somehow staying out of trouble in between. Even though I was usually covered in scratches and bruises, I have never, ever broken a bone my entire life. I had friends growing up who at some point, had a cast for broken leg or arm, and almost wished I had a cast for everyone to sign and draw on too. But everyone says they itch like crazy and are a general pain, so I don’t think I missed out on anything.

2. I like to think of myself a minimalist; I don’t own a lot of things and don’t need tons of stuff to be happy. But the one thing I did hoard at some point in my life were teen magazines. For years, I read every teen magazine in existence and kept them in huge stacks in my closet. I refused to any of them out, even after I left for college (my mom did that for me later, haha).

3. I have this really irrational fear of zombies. Seriously, it’s probably the most ridiculous thing ever but it’s true. I can’t watch zombies movies or TV shows without freaking out at some point. I’ve even had nightmares about the zombie apocalypse. I can’t really explain it but I just can’t deal with zombies at all.

4. I don’t eat meat but I really love the smell of burning charcoal. It reminds me not just of summer, but of where I grew up. We pretty much BBQ year-round in south Texas, so I associate that smell with the comfort of home.

5. I can’t really cook to save my life. Such is the irony of growing up in the restaurant business. As you can tell, I completely love baking on a whim but cooking? Yeah, not so much. However, I’m super lucky that my boy loves to cook, so we balance each other out. :)

6. My favorite movie of all time is Edward Scissorhands. I’ve loved it since I was a little girl and I adore it still to this day. When it’s winter in Chicago, I sometimes have to stop myself from dancing in the snow…

7. I’ve never, ever been to Europe. This fact kinda makes me a little sad but I really hope to change this in the not too distant future. I’d love to see Paris, Rome, Spain and everything in the middle. :)

8. I somehow went from being a girly girl to a tomboy when I was little and I think it has a lot to do with loving the Power Rangers and being treated like one of the boys. :P

9. I have family in Mexico that I’ve never met (but I hope someday I will).

10. I’ve been a huuuge Buffy fan for half my life (literally). I became a fan when I was 12 and have loved it ever since. And I love that I have friends who to this day, still love the show and reference/quote it as much as I do.

And there you have it. Ten totally random facts about myself. :)


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