catching up, once again.

I blinked and the next thing I knew, September was pretty much over. This month completely flew by! A few things have happened in the last couple of weeks:

* Alex has finally moved out of his Lakeview apartment into his bigger, better place in Lincoln Square. An extra room, hardwood floors, and all that jazz. Also, free street parking for me (whereas as everything was meter parking or sticker parking near his old place). The move was a fairly smooth transition, with only a few boxes left to be unpacked. There will be a shopping trip this weekend to look for extra furniture and what not. We’re making dinner together tonight for the first time in his shiny, new kitchen. And by we, I mean him. He will be making me fancy mac and cheese because he’s pretty much the greatest person ever.

* My best friend had her baby! I blogged about her telling me she was pregnant so long ago, it seems. Jax was born on September 22nd; I’ve gotten tons of phone pics and he’s pretty much the most adorable newborn of all time. The bestie and baby are doing well and are home after a few days in the hospital. I won’t be meeting him until Christmastime, but that’s pretty much around the corner, with the rate that the remainder of the year seems to be going.

* On the knitting front, Jax’s baby blanket is ALMOST done, but I’m taking a brief break from it so I can quickly make myself a new skinny cowl. I found the prettiest green yarn at Nina and because it’s such a simple pattern (and by pattern, I mean I decided to K3, P1 and it actually looks pretty nice), it’s flying by! I should have it done by early October.

This is totally a filler blog post, as I need to sit down and work on my overall blog in the next couple of months. I want it to be something I actually use and write in regularly, so I really need to make more of an effort. Fingers crossed that October is filled with more posts.


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