adventures in baking: chocolate chip banana bread

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! Just kidding, there were no rumors. I was on a blogging roll and once again fell off the map. Whoops. To be far, last weekend did NOT go as expected. I was all set to be at the 20SB Summit, only to become horribly (and violently) ill on Friday night and had to be rescued by my wonderfully patient boyfriend, who then nursed me back to health on Saturday with soup, fancy grilled cheese and naps. I’ve been feeling icky on and off every since, so I’m hoping I’ll be feeling back to normal eventually.

Anyway, I finally downloaded pictures from my camera and remembered I had yet to blog about the banana bread I made a couple of weeks ago. My favorite guilty pleasure from one of my fave places, Beans and Bagels, is their super yummy chocolate chip banana bread and thus, I was inspired to make my own. I’ve never made any before, so after some searching, I decided to try and make this chocolate banana bread chocolate chip bread from Mom Start.

Here are some base ingredients:

So much chocolate:

I had enough batter for two loaves, so that meant one went to my office and the other was for Alex:

A slice of the suprisingly yummy banana bread:

I was pretty pleased with how these turned out since I’ve never made any kind of banana bread before. Alex insists upon taking all of the baked goods I make as breakfast to work, regardless of whether they’re healthy/breakfast-type desserts or not. He just finished up the banana bread and thus, next on my list of things to make: dulce de leche brownies. Stay tuned!


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