getting crafty again.

Sometimes I have trouble motivating myself when it comes to sitting down and knitting. I try to knit a few rows while watching TV but after a while, knitting alone can get a bit dull.

So I was super excited when my crafty meet-up group suggested crafting at a coffee shop this past Saturday morning; it was just what I needed to get going again with my baby blanket project. It’s kinda amazing how productive you can be with a group of awesome ladies to chat with and some coffee at hand.

Fellow crafters Andrea and Kristena decided to try their hands at crocheting for the first time, with the use of simple instructions (and ok, a couple of handy Youtube videos). The crocheted pair of circles you see above are future earrings! :)

I suggested a future get to-gether where crafting and baking both take place (two of my favorite things) and I hope it’s something we can plan soon, or at least sometime in September. Knitting and baking seem to be much more common activities for me once falls begins.

All in all, it was a lovely way to spend my Saturday morning. Of course, the weekend always goes by much too fast but I’m excited for the end of the week, since the 20SB Summit begins Friday night and I’ll be volunteering/attending. Can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “getting crafty again.

    1. Dani Post author

      Umm, OF COURSE. We should really just do crafts and baking and booze one night. And by that I mean, feeble attempts at baking and crafting with lots of booze.



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