So, things might look a tiny bit different around here.

Apparently, turning 25 leads to impulsive moments. Such as me suddenly deciding to buy my name in domain form and switching up my blog in less than 10 minutes.

I blogged as That Mexican Girl for a little over a year and had a great time with it, but I’ve been toying with changing for a little while and decided to just go ahead and go through with it. So, welcome to Daniela Yvonne dot com! It’s the new address for my blog, as well as what will hopefully be an updated portfolio page. Also, now my blog and Twitter handle match. Yay!

This is just the first big step I’m taking. I’ll eventually jump ship and head to and fancy up my blog with another pretty layout (thanks again so much to Sarah over at SillyGrrl for my super lovely TMG layout). But this will be it for now.

Stay tuned. :)


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