swim until you can’t see land.

Approximately 3 days ago (meaning on Monday), I woke up to the first day of August. My birthday. My 25th birthday, to be exact. And since up until last night I was in Cancun, I spent that day reading (and drinking) by the pool, hanging out on the beach with my sister and generally living it up.

I could go on and on about my vacation, really. How the ocean was an amazing shade of blue and how the sand was never too hot to walk on barefoot. How I had my fill of piña coladas (ok, not true because you can never have too many piña coladas). How I managed to read all three books I took with me and am currently craving more (including the next book in The Hunger Games trilogy because OMG, so good).

But instead, I’m going to write about how on the evening of my 25th birthday, I gave a baby sea turtle a pep talk before letting it make its way into the ocean.

First off: sea turtles are awesome creatures, but they’re also endangered. Most baby sea turtles face a variety of threats, from predators to poachers, from when they first hatch. Not all of them reach full maturity.

So, after having dinner with my family, we went for a walk on the beach. Next thing I know, I’m standing in a small group of people and being handed a recently hatched baby sea turtle to hold before a wave of them are released into the ocean.

The little turtle in my hand, no bigger than my palm, is squirming and moving about like he’s ready to swim for his life. I decide the turtle I’m holding is a fighter. That he’s got a pretty decent shot of making it out there in the ocean on his own. “You’re gonna make it, little guy,” I whispered. “All you gotta do is swim. Swim until you can’t see land.”

Then I stood at the edge of the beach, right where the waves hit and set him down on the sand. He scrambled towards the water instinctively. A decently-size wave came up and swept my little turtle away and just like that, his journey began.

There’s no way of knowing how many of those little guys will survive out there. But I have hope that my turtle will make it. That my whispers of encouragement were a good send-off. His journey is just beginning. And as for me, at the ripe age of 25, I think mine is just beginning too.

{image credit: weheartit.com}


5 thoughts on “swim until you can’t see land.

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  2. Carolina

    This is beautiful. I wish I could go back to 25, I would do things SO differently. Happy 25th year of life and happy new “just the beginning”..


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