film photography friday.

So as I mentioned in a previous post, the boyfriend handed over his Seagull DF-99 (that was sitting around in his closet, unused since college) when I mentioned how much I missed using actual film.

I’ve been taking pictures non-stop since I was a kid. These days, I’m a big Instagram advocate and always keep my Canon Powershot in my bag, just in case. But now that I’ve got this camera, I feel like I have the opportunity to try out fun films and basically  have an excuse to wander and take pictures of practically anything.

So, these shots are from my 2nd roll of film. I stopped by Urban Outfitters and picked up a 3-pack of Lomography 35 mm film (400 speed, color negative). These two posted are from my 4th of July adventures around the city:

There’s more up on my new Flickr page. I’m contemplating taking the camera to Pitchfork tomorrow, but it depends on what I manage to fit in my bag. Other than that, I’ll try to make Film Friday a new weekly blog post, so I can at least blog about SOMETHING regularly. :)


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