home to texas.

I finally have a second to breathe and blog about my time back home in Texas. I was only there for a few days, but definitely got my fill of family and food. At least enough to hold me over until Christmas anyway. I’ll just talk about the main points of my trip:

* Nighttime snuggles with my sister’s puppy Bruno, who sleeps indoors now :)
*  Catching up with my now very pregnant bestie, who made dinner and the delish fruity lemonade you see pictured above
* Seeing/getting to know my little (step) brother, who I haven’t seen since he was a little kid (he’s 16 now!). He plays french horn in the marching band and has a sweet little motorcycle he insisted I ride with him on, so he’s a cool kid in my book.
* Also cool: My hilarious 14 year old sister. She is currently obsessed with OMGFacts and Harry Potter (and also plays the Harry Potter theme song on her guitar). I’m related to such awesome little teenagers, haha.
* Eating my fill of delicious homemade food (which I’m already craving again)

And of course, there was my cousin’s wedding, AKA the reason why I went home for the weekend.  Here’s me and my sister being super fancy and dressed up for the occasion:

The reception (and subsequent after-party) was filled with food, laughter, booze and music. My family, while sometimes frustrating to deal with, was great and I loved seeing everyone all at once. It was a really lovely ceremony and I’m honestly so, so happy for him and his new wife, Alysia:

After the travel day from hell known as this past Sunday, in which I was trapped in Houston for far too long, I finally made it home to Chicago, which I was already starting to miss after a few days. Especially my apartment, my bed, my stuff and of course, my boyfriend. Lots coming up soon before I take off yet again at the end of the month on a family vacation, so here’s hoping I can really make some time to sit and write about it all.


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