sugar and spice, part 2.

So in my last “sugar and spice” post, I wrote about the cookies I made for the boyfriend. This 2nd post covers the “spice” part, which is a super yummy drink with a kick: micheladas.

Micheladas are super common back home and I think almost every member of my family has their own unique recipe that they favor. Alex and I went out a few weeks ago to one of my favorite bars, where I suggested he try it out. He ordered one and like me, true to his Mexican roots, he LOVED it. Not long after, I emailed my dad and asked him for the recipe he and my mom use so we could try it out. It was only last night that we finally had the chance to try and make them for ourselves. And since I love sharing, here’s what my family uses for super yummy micheladas:

1/2 lime (hand-squeezed!)
4 oz of Clamato (tomato juice is also acceptable)
Worcestershire sauce
Tabasco sauce
Salt and pepper

The tricky thing about micheladas is that other than the Clamato and/or tomato juice, everything else you add in is pretty much to your taste. Alex prefers his with a serious kick (I’m talking lots of Tabasco sauce) while I went for spicy but mild. Once the mixed part is in, you pour in your choice of Mexican beer (we personally went with Modelo; Tecate is also a good choice) and enjoy! :)

I am beyond excited that I have tomorrow off. Gotta love 3 day weekends! I’ll be hitting the beach and having some fun. Hope everyone does the same!


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