through the loop.

I took the train to work this morning. As someone who’s used to driving almost every day and getting to my office in half the time, I have to plan in advance when I take the train. It can’t be a spur of the moment decision. Today’s reason: heading to Wrigleyville (and staying there) after work.

The Blue Line was crowded and stalled for a good 10 minutes. The conductor mumbled a reason that I didn’t bother taking my headphones out to hear. Division to Clark/Lake. I stepped off with a crowd of people and was pleasantly surprised to hear the conductor wish everyone a good day. Sometimes it’s the little things, right?

Up the stairs to the Brown Line. This is the long route to work. I could have just as easily taken the bus down to Roscoe and walked over to the Brown Line. But I felt the need to take the long way, because it’s also the scenic way.

I was still sleepy; hadn’t had any coffee and was craving a bagel. I sat on the sunny side of the train, sunglasses on and iPod blasting Metric. I waited for my favorite moment on this train ride. Taking the train through the loop takes you around downtown, between the buildings and over the river. That’s the sight I love the most. Crossing the Chicago River, with the sun beaming overhead. I appreciate the view every single time. It makes me fall in love with Chicago just a little bit more.

Things are never perfect. I’ve had extra bills to deal with this month, an upcoming root canal that I’m completely dreading and the quintessential crisis that comes with turning 25 in a little over a month. But the weather outside is lovely. I am amazingly happy with my new boyfriend. I get to see my family in a week. And I love this big, beautiful city. Sometimes, that’s all a girl can really ask for.


One thought on “through the loop.

  1. Carolina

    Love this post! I think there is a genuine joy in allowing yourself to be grateful for even the smallest things!

    Reading this made me happy :)


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