on film.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved taking pictures. When I was about 6, I had a vintage Barbie camera that used real film and everything. I loved it and took pictures of everything: my family, my house, my toys. You name it, I snapped a shot of it.

I progressed from there, working with film cameras and then switching over to digital cameras when everyone else did. It’s only lately that I came to realize how much I’ve missed working with actual film. The patience that’s required of you to go get film developed, see what shots turned out well and which ones didn’t. Digital cameras are instantly gratifying and I love mine but I’ve longed to invest in a new film camera.

Instead though, the boy insisted I borrow his film camera, which he bought years ago for a class he took in college. Now I have my own little film camera to fiddle with and I’m excited to get started! I bought a cheap Kodak roll to use on a trial basis and see how the pictures I took over the weekend turned out before investing in some cooler Lomography films. Wish me luck!


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