milwaukee and other adventures.

I really have been living for the weekend as of late and this past weekend was no exception.

Friday: Dinner and drinks with the boy’s friends and co-workers. Discovering the glory that is sweet tea vodka and lemonade (seriously, SO delish!). A late night, drunken game of Chutes and Ladders at a bar filled with boardgames (we won with a last-second move). Being invited to Milwaukee for a quick day trip and agreeing because our “plans” of sitting around, watching movies and eating Thai sort of paled in comparison.

Saturday: Spontaneous day trip to Milwaukee with Mike (the boy’s good friend and co-worker) and his wife, Liz. Got in the late afternoon, went straight to a street fest called Summer Soulstice. Had great, cheap beer and listened to music. I had a ton of fun with the boy, meeting new people and had a super yummy dinner. We got in late and completely crashed.

Sunday: A relaxed day at home, with errands and getting groceries. Ended up back in Lakeview to have a catch-up dinner with Angela and finish up the day by the lake.

Every weekend from here on out is pretty jam-packed with things to do, including my trip home for my cousin’s wedding in a couple of weeks and my very last-minute but confirmed trip to Cancun with my family for my birthday. Gotta love the summertime. <3


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