rainy day adventures in pilsen.

I had been hoping for some decent weather this past weekend, as Angela and I had planned to spend Saturday in Pilsen, getting good food and checking out the vintage bazaar on Halsted. Alas, it was cold and rainy but we didn’t let that stop us.

I had wanted to check out a different place for lunch, something more hole-in-the-wall (re: more authentic) and discovered La Casa del Pueblo on Blue Island. We walked in and instantly loved the place. Warm and homey, with delicious smells. Angela got pollo con mole while I opted for enchiladas.

We were super pleased with this place. The horchata that we ordered however, wasn’t great. I thought it could have used a lot more cinnamon and Angela thought it tasted too sugary. We drink a lot of the stuff, so we’re sort of sticklers about it.

After lunch, we went to the giant warehouse where the vintage bazaar was taking place. I loved a lot of the stuff they had there and almost invested in a few mason jars, but instead opted for buying two pieces of jewelry.

The claddagh ring on the left is something I bought for myself. As a huge Buffy fan, I just couldn’t resist! And it was only $10. The ring pictured on the right is actually for my little sister. She’s 14 and about to start high school in the fall (they grow up SO. FAST.), so I thought this might be a nice little surprise to give her when I see her in July. I think she’ll really like it because the center stone is her birthstone, while the two smaller ones are my birthstone. When I was her age (which granted, was well over a decade ago), I really loved birthstone jewelry, so I feel like this ring is a pretty appropriate gift.

We ended the day with some Mexican hot chocolate and pan dulce, followed by a quick trip to Target. Sunday was much more mellow for me; I pretty much spent the entire day cleaning my apartment. One of my roommates is moving out and making her way to North Carolina and my new roommate is stopping by on Friday to say hi and check out the place. She seems really sweet, so I can’t wait to meet her.

I know I’m going to blink and May will somehow be over, but I honestly can’t wait. June seems so promising and summer is calling my name.


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