the abc’s of me.

I’ve seen this making the rounds on a few blogs and thought it would be a fun little survey to fill out. :)

A.) Age: 24

B.) Bed size: Full-size bed from Ikea here in Chicago; king-sized bed back home in Texas

C.) Chore you hate: Doing dishes.

D.) Dogs: I think I’m a little more of a cat person than a dog person, but I’m an overall animal lover. I’m a little obsessed with this labrador puppy that gets walked around my block and I adore my sister’s dog, a miniature schnauzer named Bruno.

E.) Essential start to your day: COFFEE. I’m not a fully-functioning human being until I’ve had some.

F.) Favorite color: I love teal and green equally.

G.) Gold or silver: Silver.

H.) Height: 5’1ish

I.) Instruments you play: I played the flute for 7 years.

J.) Job title: Professional word nerd (or editor) and website wizard (more specifically, online editor).

K.) Kids: Umm, none. And probably never.

L.) Live: Chicago (and for a few days every year, south Texas)

M.) Mom’s name: Rosalva (aka Rosa or Rosie, as she is called by the non-Spanish speaking customers at our restaurant)

N.) Nicknames: Everyone I know calls me Dani. My biological dad’s family called me Nani growing up. A few friends in high school called me Niela.

O.) Overnight hospital stays: Um, to my knowledge, just one. And it was when I was a baby, so I don’t even remember. My grandma was carrying me in our front yard, slipped and fell into a cactus. My mom says I had cactus needles covering the left side of my face. This is probably the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me, because I’ve never even broken a bone or had any other serious injury since.

P.) Pet peeve: When people call me Danielle, even after I correct them (NOT MY NAME). And when people don’t care about/don’t know the difference between they’re and their, you’re and your, etc. (as a grammar nerd, it bugs me every single time).

Q.) Quote from a movie: “Thanks a heap, coyote ugly. This cactus-gram stings worse than your abandonment.” (from Juno)

R.) Right or left handed: I’m a righty.

S.) Siblings: Just my little sister, Juli (who’s 14).

T.) Time you wake up: During the week, around 7. On the weekends, I never wake up before 9.

U.) Underwear: I’m a fan of colorful three-packs from Target.

V.) Vegetable you dislike: Um, I guess I’ll go with onions. I like them fine when they’re cooked, but uncooked? No thanks.

W.) What makes you run late: My inability to get out of bed on time. Making coffee with my French press right before I have to be out the door. Overestimating how much I have to get to where I need to be.

X.) X-rays you’ve had: I’ve only had x-rays of my teeth taken.

Y.) Yummy food you make: Pasta with pesto and mushrooms.

Z.) Zoo – favorite animal: Penguins!

{image via: weheartit}


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