weekend fun, with sunshine and brunch.

After nothing but dreary, rainy weather throughout the week, Chicago finally saw some sunshine this weekend. Yesterday was completely glorious, so I decided that after hitting the gym and getting some lunch, I would run around my neighborhood and soak up as much sun as possible. My first stop ended up being a new little grocery store that’s popped up on Division called Real Naked Foods. It’s basically a little farmer’s market in a store front, which is nice while I wait for the weather to warm up for an actual outdoor market.

It was really nice inside. I don’t know if I’d necessarily buy produce here but they have some stuff I really like and haven’t had in a while (like River Valley Kitchen portabella sauce, which I discovered last year and it’s oh so yummy).

I headed down to a stationery store I had passed by a few times but never went into to look for a Mother’s Day card. The store, Paper Doll, is seriously so cute. They have mostly handmade and hand printed cards, which I seriously adore. I had to stop myself from buying extra stuff (like candles and other goodies).

Also, can I just say that this pug was too adorable? Her name is Maude and she’s the store’s little mascot.

I found a hilarious little card for my mom (which, since she’s in the restaurant business, I know she’ll love it) and also ended up picking up a card for my bestie, which I’ll give to her along with the baby blanket I’m making.

I also checked out Urban Outfitters on a whim and bought a new owl piggy bank and some $10 sunglasses. Then I headed to Lakeview for manicures and an early dinner with Angela before heading out for a friend’s birthday for the night. Here’s me being a total dork with said sunglasses and my newly painted nails:

Angela crashed at my place and we decided to get some “Easter” brunch this morning. It seems the masses were still at church when we headed out at 10 a.m., so I suggested heading over to Janik’s for some omelettes and fresh juice. I tend to get the Greek omelette every time I go here and it’s so yummy every single time:

Now I’m just crashing on my couch, enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon and knitting. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! :)


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