music of the moment: he is we

The majority of my good friends know my taste in music pretty well. So when Adrian presented me with a link to a band I had actually never heard of but insisted I would like, I should have known he meant it. Because I listened to all of He is We’s acoustic tracks and instantly loved them. I’m such a sucker for indie pop, it’s almost sad.

My favorite right now? ‘And Run’, which I of course instantly related to. It’s always nice to find a new song that you connect to and think to yourself, Yes, this is exactly it. This is my life right now, as I know it. They’re a great duo and have already made it onto my springtime mix. Now if the weather in Chicago would finally acknowledge that it is spring, that’d be fantastic… Anyway! Listen to them, they’re great. I promise.

Kinda wish I had the courage,
A bit of bravery.
So tired of waiting on a man to come and save me.
Wishing I had everything,
Or something really.
I do admit it,
But now I’m thinking freely.
I’m going to open my mind to all these,
New found exciting possibilities.

I’m making all my own plans,
Throwing all my old ones away
I gotta grow up, be someone
Draw a map, find a path
Take a breath
And run.


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