remember, just breathe.

I work hard to take things in stride but sometimes, it all just sort of feels like too much at once.

March ended on a… strange note for me and I can’t help but feel anxious about all that’s happened. My budget is off due to car issues and laptop repair and I suddenly find that I’m going to be living as minimally as possible until next month (when my next paycheck rolls around). This, along with the surprise reappearance of a certain someone in my life and general 20-something woes has brought me down slightly. I feel tired. I feel overwhelmed. I feel a little lost.

I have to remind myself to focus on the positive, though. My MacBook was out of commission for a few days but has been successfully revived, thanks to a battery replacement. I have my super amazing mother to make me laugh hysterically and reassure me that everything happens as it should. And I have the weekend to revive myself with working out, a much-need trim and the 2nd half of the writing workshop I’m helping at.

Overall, I sometimes just have to remind myself: Inhale, exhale. Just breathe. And keep going.

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