work(shop) and (a) play.

I’ve been terrible at blogging about my weekend activities (clearly, since it’s already Wednesday and I have no idea how that happened).

My Saturday is responsible for the title of this post. I’m a volunteer at 826CHI, a great non-profit organization that does writing workshops for kids and I was a TA on Saturday morning at my first workshop about food writing. We’re working with kids that are in the 2nd to 4th grade range and teaching them about how to describe food, which will eventually become food reviews that we’ll put together in a book for them to take home. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with kids (as the only time I ever interact with a child these days is when my co-worker brings his adorable 2 year old into the office), but it was a great experience and I look forward to helping out again at the follow-up workshop this coming Saturday.

That same evening, I finally got to hang out with Maura again after not seeing her for months (last time I saw her, it was still 2010!). We went to go see Tanya Saracho’s new play at the Goodman called El Nogalar.

I really enjoyed the show and I love Tanya’s form of storytelling. I laughed and cried and I loved that she touched on an important issue that Mexico is still struggling with today (the main story revolves around the hold that drug cartels have on local land and business owners). Watching this play made me miss theater immensely; it’s been so long since it was a big part of my life (I’m a former theater kid) and just showed me that I really need to see more plays in the future.

I had a really lovely weekend overall. Sundays are always lazy for me, which I love. I wake up late and make myself breakfast tacos (this is seriously becoming a thing), watch TV, knit and relax. Couldn’t ask for more.

Life overall is hectic, slightly stressful and… interesting. But hey, at least I’m not bored.

I need to find the motivation to blog regularly so fingers crossed I find it soon.


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