shopping for a summer visit home.

Every so often, I get a little homesick. I miss my family, good food and sometimes, even the state of Texas.

But, I’m glad to say that instead of waiting until next Christmas to head home, I’ll be heading back in July for my cousin’s wedding. And as brutal as it will be to be in Texas during July of all months (seriously, what was my cousin thinking? This better be an indoor wedding), I’m still glad to know that my next visit home won’t have to wait until the end of the year.

So, with this wedding coming up, I’ve already started to do some online window shopping. I’m not girly by any means (and don’t exactly own a ton of dresses) but I really do love the idea of dressing up for a special occasion. So far, these are the two dresses I’ve found so far:

Ruffle Cascade Dress, $54.95 @ eShakti

I saw this dress on the Tiki Tiki blog and instantly loved it. This is definitely my top choice so far. I adore the color; it just says warm, wonderful weather to me. Also, this dress is customizable so I could order it at a different length, cut, etc.

Teal Infinity and Beyond Dress, $84.99 @ ModCloth

I’m constantly on ModCloth, admiring their wares from afar. This is one dress that I think is beyond cute. I’m usually not one for strapless or one-strap dresses, but this one is too gorgeous to pass up.

July feels really far away right now, but spring should be right around the corner and after that, summer! Until then I think I’ll just keep window-shopping.


2 thoughts on “shopping for a summer visit home.

  1. J

    I vote for the warm one from the tiki tiki blog. It’s the most versatile and the one you have a better chance of being comfortable in for an extended period of time. And frankly, I just love the color! Happy hunting :)


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