weekend love: food and friends.

Had a lovely weekend, which is just what I needed after quite a blah week at work.

Friday night was spent hanging out at home, enjoying wine and a new knitting project. Went to bed early and got up early, so I could head to the gym before getting lunch with my friend Daphne, who I haven’t seen in the last year but lives in Chicago (and 20 minutes away in Streeterville). I hate losing touch with friends but I’m really glad that we were able to reconnect. She’s off on her next adventure in California at the end of the month, so I’m glad we got to squeeze in some hang-out time before she took off. We both love sushi like whoa, so it made sense that it would our choice meal:

My simple sushi, which was of course super delish…

… but seriously pales in comparison to Daph’s dish, which is called the White Dragon. It was cute AND yummy.

We headed downtown and fit in some shopping before parting ways. I was in dire need of a nap and after being told some friends were getting together a few blocks away at Moonshine later on that night, I would definitely need to reenergize. I almost didn’t make it (why must you be SO comfy, bed?) but so glad I did–it’s always great to see friends, drink and dance for a few hours.

Today, Julie woke me up at 11 and tempted me with brunch. We went to Simone’s in Pilsen, which is a bit out of the way but is seriously such a cool place that I feel the need to go get drinks there ASAP (Julie highly recommends it as a bar, on top of a brunch spot). Also, check out their decor:

How cool is that? I use to LOVE pinball machines as a kid. There was a different one on the wall at each booth. Again, I need to check this place out at night. Afterwards, Julie and I continued to brave the cold, rainy day and randomly went to the movies. We saw The Roommate and I have to say, after being mildly traumatized by the terrible dialogue and general crazypants antics of Leighton Meester, I have to say that I do NOT recommend that film. Still, Julie and I snickered throughout the whole thing and were more or less entertained.

Overall, it’s been a lovely weekend and I’m sad that it’s essentially. Back to the grind tomorrow morning. I hope to make some big things happen soon, so we’ll see. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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