music of the moment: julieta venegas

So, here’s an honest confession: It was until recently (the last couple of years, more or less) that I discovered how amazing an artist Julieta Venegas is. For a really long time, I was resistant to almost all tejano and norteño music, mostly due to its popularity back home. But I finally realized that although I never, ever went out of my way to listen to Intocable (one of the most popular tejano bands from Texas, whom are also from my hometown), I could always recognize their songs on the radio. The music, whether I embrace it or not, is more or less engrained into my memory.

Julieta Venegas is one of my favorite artists from Mexico; her brand of pop-folk rock is mixed together with more traditional music from Mexico. I can’t stop listening to one track from her album, Limon y Sal, called “Me Voy.” I started listening to it non-stop on Valentine’s Day, which is completely appropriate, considering the lyrics:

Por eso me voy
Que lastima pero adios
Me despido de ti y me voy

(That’s why I’ll go
What a pity but goodbye
I’ll bid you farewell and I’ll go)

Runner-ups in terms of music I’ve been loving a lot include Iron & Wine’s new album, Kiss Each Other Clean, and Florence + the Machine.


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