knitting love.

I got an e-mail from my fave yarn shop today (Nina on Division, just a couple of blocks from my apt) that they’re having a week-long sale, which made me realize that I have yet to blog about my completed knitting projects. So before I rush out to buy some pretty discounted yarn, here’s what I’ve done so far:

I love my bright green scarf. It’s big, soft and fluffy, perfect for those especially cold days here in Chicago.


I found my very first knitting project from last summer: a too-short scarf. So I brought it together at the ends to turn it into a cute cowl instead.

As for my next big project… my step-dad gave me this for Christmas (iMitts from Uncommon Goods) and I have yet to truly tackle it. Fingers crossed that I can manage it! Mittens are still a little beyond my skill level.

I hope that once I have a little more spending money at my disposal, I’ll be able to sign up for new classes and keep learning. Also, I have to save up for plenty of yarn to knit my bestie the best baby blanket ever.


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