music of the moment: patrick stump.

I try to aim for Mondays when it comes to music-related posts, but honestly, I think I’ll just have to start posting throughout the week because I stumble onto new stuff I love every other day.

If know about Patrick Stump, you probably remember him as the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, a band I was a die-hard fan of throughout college (now you know my secret shame. MOVING ON…). Everyone in the band has gone their separate ways: Pete is doing some sub-par electronica nonsense, Andy and Joe are in a new metal band together and Patrick is doing the solo album thing. I’ll just say right now, one of the things I liked about FOB from the beginning was Patrick’s voice; he is honestly a really great, soulful singer. He posted this video the other day of him doing an a cappella melody of Grammy-nominated songs and although I don’t exactly enjoy any of the original versions, I sorta completely love what he’s done with them.

Patrick’s solo album, Soul Punk, should be released sometime next month and I’m really excited to see what he’s done on his own.


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