investing in myself.

Sadly, with the new year came a sudden illness, but I refuse to let it bring me down. I’ve got some medicine and I should be good to go come tomorrow.

Despite said illness, I was hit with a sudden burst of energy on Sunday, I went to do something with Julie that I haven’t done in years: I got a manicure.


I know, crazy right? But for years, I never did this sort of stuff, ever. And I found myself totally loving it. My nails are now a pretty shade of dark cranberry, appropriately called Brunette in the Internet (although it’s hard to tell from the picture).

And this one little thing made me realize that I need to do more little things for myself. A manicure here, a haircut there; there’s nothing wrong with a little splurge on something like that every so often. So I’ve decided, one of the many things I want to try and do in 2011: pamper myself just a little more. I’m thinking about taking up yoga again in a month or so (when my budget allows it), which I think will be another great little investment. Because as much as I need to save money when I can, I need to take the time to invest in myself.


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