That one time I baked my feelings.

I’ve been a bit of a bad blogger lately. I was in Texas for a week due to Christmas and basically shut my brain off while there. I wanted to relax and enjoy the little time I would have to spend with my family. That meant a minimal use of the Internet (or whatever is limited on my iPhone). I only used my Mac late at night, when my insomnia kicked in and my family was asleep.

Christmas this year was lovely and laid-back and filled with obscene amounts of food (of course). I may or may  not have eaten my weight in tamales (hint: I probably did). I basked in the warm Texas sunshine while everyone back in Chicago enjoyed a white Christmas. I laughed at my family’s antics. I enjoyed every minute I was in my tiny hometown.

But just because I was on vacation doesn’t mean I wasn’t still dealing with recent events (see: hello, goodbye blog post).  But instead of really dealing with it or discussing it, I decided to bake my feelings. Yes, bake. From scratch, too. I bought tons of supplies and took to the kitchen, where I baked up a storm:

This was my first time baking red velvet cupcakes (with the help of the amazing recipe I found over at Smitten Kitchen), but I was really pleased with how they came out.

The finished product: with cream cheese frosting and silver sprinkles (courtesy of my little sister).

Then my best friend Dee asked me to make Mexican chocolate cupcakes, so I obviously obliged. First things first: grinding the Abuelita chocolate. My mom current doesn’t have a molcajete but a cheese grater works just fine.

Chocolate-y goodness! I’ve had trouble with the moisture of these cupcakes in the past, but one small tweak to the recipe fixed it. They were definitely the biggest hit this weekend.

The final product! With whipped cream/whipped cream frosting and sprinkled with cinnamon. This batch went to Dee’s house (where they were quickly eaten).

Last but not yet, I made homemade chocolate chip and pecan cookies for my parents. They went so quickly, I actually made them twice.

The positive feedback I got on everything I made has basically insured that I’ll be doing a bit more baking from here on out and confirmed that I really enjoy baking for others. Right now, my future baking plans include another cookie recipe to try my hand at for a friend and whenever I manage to hang out with Jamie, we’ll find a delish cupcake recipe to make.

While it was so nice to be home, I’m back in Chicago as of last night, still slightly sleep deprived but still somewhat ready for the new year/whatever’s next.


5 thoughts on “That one time I baked my feelings.

  1. Jamie

    I think we should also make some chocolate chip and walnut or pecan cookies because those are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE.

    One day we should get really ambitious and do some cake pops a la Bakerella!


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