the untimely demise of magazines i love.

While I’m excited about the prospects of what the new year will bring, I also know that 2011 will be lacking several print publications that I loved. Specifically, two that I admired and wrote for: Cafe and Venus Zine. Actually, both decided to fold this month. As of today, their editorial staffs are done and moving on. Both web sites are supposed to live on through some means, but of course, it’s not the same.

I have specific connections to both these magazines. Cafe was my saving grace this summer, when I moved back to Chicago with no job prospects and spent a few months as a struggling freelancer. I got to work from their offices, I met great people, attended great events and wrote pieces I was really proud of. But after only two years, their funding collapsed and the magazine gave way.

I interned for Venus Zine my senior year of college. I sat in a tiny office space littered with papers and CDs, sharing said space with the EIC and other interns. I loved it there. I continued to contribute online music reviews after I left. I held my breath as the publishers that owned the magazine while I was there contemplated folding before a new publisher stepped in and bought the magazine. Alas, after a year, even with amazing coverage and amazing people behind the scenes, it wasn’t enough to survive a dying industry. I got an e-mail from the latest EIC explaining their situation and saying her goodbyes.

To lose both these magazines in the same month has been pretty depressing and has in fact, made me question what I’m currently doing with my life. It’s not even so much about losing a source of additional income or clips, but people I know and like are losing their jobs in the process of these publications coming apart. This might just be a passing feeling… or it just might be what triggers an upcoming quarterlife crisis, who knows. But I know that with the new year, I’ll also be reevaluating my career path. It’s unavoidable at this point and I know that I want to have a general idea of where I’m headed next.

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