life update, take 3.

Wow, I kinda fell off the face of the Earth, blogging-wise. It’s kind of ridiculous to think about how much has happened in the past few weeks. So here’s a summary in picture form:

For the first time ever, I saw the Christmas tree lighting at Daley Plaza. It was cold, rainy and miserable. But it was beautiful and there were fireworks. It was also my first official date with the boy. We made a run for it after the ceremony and had dinner downtown. This was pretty much just the beginning. :)

Thanksgiving! I ended up spending it in Evanston with my friend Angela, her little sis Alyssia and a few of Alyssia’s friends. My contribution to the feast was mashed potatoes; pictured above are the empanadas Angela and her sister made.

Went to Pilsen with Maura to check out the Christmas market at the museum and grab a cup of coffee (so I clearly insisted we check out Cafe Mestizo, because I live and die by their cafe Azteca). Seeing the market, on top of all the decorations popping up around the city (in Wicker Park alone, all the street poles have giant, sparkly snowflakes), makes me so excited for the holidays and going home to see my family. But it also reminds me that this year is about to end, which is really crazy to even think about it. I’ve barely been in Chicago for 6 months as of next week. SIX MONTHS. Again, so weird to think about.

Also, this is my first post with my shiny, new blog makeover! I completely love it. Sarah did a really awesome job and I completely recommend her to anyone looking to give their site a nice, affordable new look.

So yes, life is just generally crazy and a little hectic. My workload is about to double (possibly triple, eek) and attempting to find some time to spend with the boy is going to be a little difficult (having opposite schedules of course, does not help). But I honestly just can’t complain. At times, I still get anxious and stressed but I know that right now, I’m actually leading a good life and I really can’t ask for more right now.


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