finding balance.

I’ve recently realized that I need to find a little bit more balance in my life. I’ve been letting myself get overwhelmed with work that I’m so drained when I get home. Then all I do is sit around and watch TV. Sometimes that’s the case on the weekends as well if I don’t make any solid plans.

I didn’t realize until recently just how nice it is to have a small, new hobby like knitting. I’ve only been doing it for a few months and I’m barely on my 3rd project but it’s definitely become one of my most therapeutic outlets these days. I can’t wait until my pair of mittens are finished (one down, one to go!) and take more classes at Nina (where the owner totally knows me by name now, haha).

It’s not just a matter of finding balance in my free time, though. It’s also about finding a balance when it comes to my career. I still want to do some freelancing and definitely want to expand my portfolio, writing about topics that I care about and find important or interesting. One of near future goals? To pitch Bust Magazine. It’s the only women’s magazine I go out of my way to buy and I know someday I would totally love to have byline in their pages, big or small. If I could become a regular contributor, that would be pretty amazing as well.

So I need to stop letting myself become drained by the 9-5. I need to enjoy the little things a lot more and have things to look forward, things to work towards. Right now, I’m working on revamping my blog design and layout (which I’m super excited about). This weekend will be filled with friends and fun (Vanessa’s birthday dinner on Friday, along with one of my faves, Emmet, is in town from NYC this coming weekend). I also think I’m going to be submitting my resume for some additional freelance work fairly soon and see what’s out there.

One step at a time. But I think I’m slowly making my way.

{image: weheartit}


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