adventures in baking: dulce de leche cupcakes

When I become obsessed with making a certain kind of cupcake, I’ll usually scour the Internet for an ideal recipe to try. My latest need stemmed from wanting to turn one of my favorite Mexican candies (dulce de leche) into cupcake form. I love making stuff from scratch, even though it’s always a toss-up when using a new recipe (you just never really know how your baked goods will turn out). I found this recipe a few weeks ago and FINALLY got around to giving it a shot.

Making dulce de leche buttercream frosting. It turned out to be pretty delish!


Cupcakes, right out the oven. I had one and was pretty pleased with how they turned out.


The finished result! I took the cupcakes to work (as I had promised my co-workers) and received tons of positive feedback. Especially on the frosting, which I made the mistake of bringing into the office as well. Some co-workers (whom shall remain nameless) kept pilfering the frosting; the frosting bowl was pretty much licked clean.

I might put off baking again until the holidays, so I should probably try working on my cooking skills. Fingers crossed I find the motivation to make that happen.


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