my life requires so much more wine.

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Ok, things aren’t actually getting worse. But I have to say, in the last week, I’ve definitely needed more wine and I have yet to go and get more. And the last time I went to Trader Joe’s, I waltzed out with two bottles of wine and nothing else. Did the cashier judge me? Probably. They weren’t both for me, though! My good buddy Adrian was in town and one week ago, we celebrated Emo Wine Wednesday with wine (duh) and a Damien Rice playlist.

Anyway, I’ve been such a bad blogger. I’ve done so much in the last week and a half since I disappeared but seriously have zero energy to sit down and write about it. To try and recap in so many words: this past weekend was spent running around the city, drinking copious amounts of beer, hanging with friends new and old, going to my first Northwestern football game in two years (and sadly having to watch a terrible loss but still pretty fun!) and somehow doing all of this without coffee (I honestly don’t how I managed to survive, but I did).

Now I have crazy amounts of stuff to do at work, while trying to finish up some freelancing in my off time. I don’t have a Halloween costume and will have to somehow find the energy to find one/go out in said costume this weekend.  I seriously need to take some time to just unplug in a coffee shop with a book; no iPhone and no laptop. Otherwise, I think I might lose my mind soon.

Hoping to really find some time soon to recenter and refocus. Next up on the blog: baking adventures! I found a great recipe I’ll be trying out on Sunday, so I’ll be posting pictures of that and hopefully a great finished result. :)


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