god bless the indian summer.

And so, another whirlwind weekend has gone by. For whatever reason, Chicago decided to bless its citizens with one final hurrah in the form of a deliciously warm weekend and I for one completely enjoyed it. I wore short-sleeve shirts and sandals and pretended for just a little while that summer isn’t a distant memory just yet. The inspiration behind this post title (and a song I listened to non-stop the last two days) is “Indian Summer” by Pedro the Lion, which is was pretty appropriate weekend anthem.

While enjoying a walk around my neighborhood, I swung by Nina and signed up for November classes. I’m way excited to learn how to make mittens. Nina herself suggested I check out Raverly.com for patterns and ideas, which I’ll definitely be doing. Yay for knitting!

Also, I have officially declared the month of October as Makeover My Room Month and I’ve gotten off to a good start. I purchased a desk on the cheap on Friday, which is a nice step towards owning basic things I still need. I got a little crafty today too so I can start doing some decorating as well (I’ll post pics of that tomorrow). Next up: painting two of my walls and a possible trip to Ikea. I’ve never actually done any painting before (outside of a canvas anyway) so this should be interesting and/or a complete disaster.

My dearest friend from Austin, Mai, is in town on her latest tour (she’s on the road right now with Ok Go). I swung by HOB tonight to say hi and check out the show because the last time I saw Ok Go live was 5 years ago at the Metro (umm, how has time passed by so quickly? Crazy!). She also has Monday off so she’ll be traveling to Wicker Park to hang out and get some sushi for dinner.

And so, I bid this lovely, warm weekend farewell and get ready for the work week to come, along with the indefinite return of chilly weather.


downtown chicago at night. <3



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