coffee shop conversations.

Although with October comes considerably chillier weather here in Chicago, I’m still looking forward to what this month will bring. Lots of friends will be in town, I’m getting ready to really give my room a makeover, plus general good times will be had.

As of Sunday, one of dearest friends from college, Marcy, is in town for a job interview. She arrived early on Sunday, so what did we do? Headed to Pilsen, of course. Angela also came along for the ride and we first went to Cafe Mestizo for coffee and chats.

I love my friends, I really do. I love being able to sit down and discuss life, where we are and where we might be headed. Sometimes a long talk over an amazing cup of coffee is all you need to help put things into perspective. I have a longer blog post I have planned that will discuss pretty much everything that’s happened over the last week or so and where I stand on all of it. But for now, I’m ready to tackle the work week after a nice but quick weekend.


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