weekend fun: baking, friends, gatherings

It’s Sunday evening and I’m curled up on my couch, on the verge of a taking a nap. But I need to take the time for a weekend recap.

Friday = BBQ hangs at Emily’s in Logan Square. Lots of beer, good food and friends, good times.

Saturday = Baking and movie watching with Angela and Matt.
I’ve been dying to try out this pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake recipe I found online a couple of weeks ago, and now that fall weather has really begun in Chicago, I finally made it happen.

Our pre-frosting cupcakes. We may or may not have eaten a great deal of batter throughout the baking process.

The finished result! Cream cheese frosting sprinkled with cinnamon.

We watched Selena (because we’re all Mexican and were feeling nostalgic) and ate cupcakes before Matt and I went to get dinner at Joy’s with Steve (hooray for Thai food!). I ended up with a dozen cupcakes in my possession and decided to take them to Jenny’s housewarming party, where I got a few compliments on them. Yay! Now to work on my non-existent cooking skills.

Today, I only ran a few errands before surrendering to the comfort my couch and sweatpants. Now I’m hoping to squeeze in some work stuff before calling it an early night. I had been hoping to go to a show tonight (Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s) but I’m seriously drained. This is how I know that I’m an adult: too tired to go to shows now. Oh well. I’d rather tackle the coming work week feeling a little more refreshed.


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