kinda crafty.

On a somewhat rainy Saturday morning, Maura and I decided to brave the weather and check out the first day of the Renegade Craft Fair, which was filled with so, so many adorable things. I spotted a bunch of stuff I would have loved to have splurged on, but totally found the will power to save for later (like when I actually get my paycheck and can afford nice things). Here are the photos snapped on my phone (my camera is still sadly charger-less and out of commission):

Yeah, I would pretty much buy every single mug you see here.

Gorgeous art work!

It is my goal in life to someday make an adorable knitted owl. Gotta up my knitting skills first.

I was also obsessing over this amazing yarn. Again, I’m just a beginner but someday soon, I’ll be awesome at knitting.

Intelligentsia’s pop-up bar! Of course I had to stop by.

Umm, cupcake monsters? Yes please.

So many adorable vintage goodies.

There was also an adorable photo booth set up, so we ducked in and took some pictures. Excuse my hot mess hair, it was rainy and gross that morning, only to have the sun come through hours later as I was leaving:

All in all, so cute and so much fun. I also bumped into my old friend from Austin and fellow cupcake lover Melodye, who is now a Chicagoan too. Yay! And seriously, I heart handmade crafts and can’t wait to go online and buy from specific shops that I really loved. :)


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