headed to market(s) this weekend.

Man, where has this last week disappeared to? I’ve started my new job and dove in headfirst, so I’ve been crazy busy (in the best possible way though). I’m excited about my big project and can’t wait for it to launch. But I’m also really looking forward to a relaxing weekend of friends and markets.

If you’re like me and love anything remotely crafty, then you’re well aware of the Renegade Craft Fair:

So excited for this! I haven’t gotten my first paycheck yet so I’ll have to spend wisely. But I completely love that I can walk to the fair from my apartment (as if I needed another reason to completely adore the area of Wicker Park that I live in). I’m looking to attend on Saturday, as I’ll be checking out the Maxwell Street Market with Maura on Sunday. Throw in a pretty wine label party and the season finale of True Blood, and I’ve got a solid weekend ahead of me.

Expect big, picture-filled posts of both markets sometime throughout the weekend. :)


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