wonderful weekends.

Somehow my weekends as of late have been pretty great, which really only makes me dread the coming work week.
This Friday, I went to the Metro for the first time in years and saw Freelance Whales and Tokyo Police Club with Emily. The bands were great but the crowd was really Wrigleyville-centric, which was kind of annoying. Headed next door to the Ginger Man afterwards to hang out with the dudes and called it a night around 3ish. Also went out for dinner and drinks last night, which again resulted in a late night and what may or may not have been a walk of shame via public transportation.

But the biggest higlight of my weekend was Saturday morning, which I spent wandering around the Green City Market with Maura. Take note now that I absolutely love farmer’s markets. So far, I’ve been to markets in Wicker Park, Pilsen, and Lincoln Park and hope to squeeze in a few more by the fall.
We got some coffee and delish food from Zullo’s (my egg and veggie sandwich was AMAZING) and wandered around for a bit. I pretty much always want to buy everything ever but my lack of funds call for some self-restraint. I also love how amazing and colorful everything is at farmer’s markets:

Now it’s Sunday and I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop, attempting to be productive before watching True Blood tonight. The last thing I want to do is go back to work on Monday but here’s hoping that this coming week brings some good news my way. Also, how is this month almost over? Where did August go? I’m not complaining though. As much as I love summer, I am totally looking forward to fall and everything it brings.


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