four simple goals

So, I’m a bit late getting on this train but I’ve seen a handful of other blogs do this and I really adore the idea (started by the lovely Elsie), so here goes!

1. Make my room feel like home.
So, I’ve been living in Chicago for a couple of months now and so far, all I have in my room is a bed… and that’s about it. I usually spend quite a bit of time in my room and I definitely want it to make it cozy and cute. I already have plans to do some painting, get some furniture… once I have some steady income, that is. But I’m hoping to have this happen within the next couple of months and definitely before the year is over, so look out for pictures.

2. Gain a sense of style.
Ok, so for a really long time, I’ve always been a pretty strict jeans-and-tees kind of girl. Which is fine for a casual Sunday afternoon, but I’m 24 now, people. Along with boring adult responsibilities, I should also have an awesome adult wardrobe. And, I like to think having a cute wardrobe will further ease the transition into adulthood. So, I’m hoping that once falls hits, I’ll be able to invest in some great pieces. Plus, some cute boots and accessories of course.

3. Get cooking.
For the longest time, I’ve always relied on frozen meals and canned soup, thanks to college. They’re easy but never really fulfilling or that good for you. Now, I currently live with two med students, one of who proclaims to never cook and other who never seems to cook. So now I’m currently vying for freezer space while our fridge remains fairly empty. This is motivation enough to start buying fresh food and actually start cooking. Or at least, making the effort to learn how.

4. Work it out.
While I was living in Austin, I started to struggle with my weight a little. At one point, towards the end of 2009, I weighed myself and was mildly horrified to see I was at a number I had never been at before in my life. So before I moved, I started working out. I’ve lost some weight since getting back to Chicago and now I’m slowly starting to work out again. I’ve definitely missed being active and after glancing at my resolutions from the new year (I’ve accomplished a couple, go me!), I see that at some point, I’d to try and do a half-marathon. It might not happen this year but who knows.


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