playing catch up.

So, somehow a week has passed since I last updated. Last week itself was pretty uneventful; it was my weekend that was far more interesting. And I could talk about staying awake until 4 a.m. two nights in a row and drinking copious amounts of beer and wine. I could talk about boys and book clubs (the awesome kind, of the Nintendo variety). And I could talk about spending a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon on a rooftop with friends, new and old, and pizza and ice cream and laughter.

I could talk about all of that. There’s quite a bit to say.
But, I kinda need to sort a few things about before I really start blogging any and every detail of my life.
I’ve been a Chicagoan for two months. I’ve been 24 for 16 days. There is nothing smooth or normal or uncomplicated about my life right now. But I honestly do have hope that everything will start to make a little more sense soon and that amazing things are headed my way.


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