bad days happen.

Today was a bad day. It really just couldn’t be avoided. I was running late to work (the first time this has really happened since I started this contract job) and was also a space cadet in the morning and forgot my lunch. So when I step out to buy some lunch, I realized that in between today and yesterday, I have lost my debit card. Since this has actually only happened one other time since high school, I kinda freaked out. Called my mom, freaked out some more. Then called my bank and reported it. By this point, I’m stressed and cranky and completely incapable of being productive. The hour-long commute back to my apartment does nothing to help, AT ALL.

But when I get home, I find a little package waiting for me at my door. It’s from my high school bestie, who had sent me this super adorable wallet as a belated birthday present:

So adorable! Getting this gift seriously helped me feel so much better. :)
Then on top of that, I get a call and confirmed plans for dinner and drinks on Friday.

So, bad days happen. And probably more often than they should.
But it’s always nice when they end on a good note.


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