coffee shop love.

Life for the most part, has been consistently overwhelming. I try to have fun when I can, but something new always seems to pop up and stress me out when I finally feel a little relaxed. So, I’ve really started to appreciate the little things that make me smile.

So other than having a fun time at Lollapalooza on Saturday (post coming soon on that, I promise!), I made the greatest discovery ever on Sunday: My favorite coffee shop in Pilsen, Cafe Mestizo, is open again for business.

I loved this place when I was in college, enough to make the trek from Evanston to Pilsen as often as possible. When I left Chicago after graduating, I found out a little while later that Cafe Mestizo had closed and was kinda heartbroken about it. But! Through the wonderful website that is Yelp (where I had left them a great review), I found out that it had in fact reopened and was actually still on the same street, just in the opposite direction. Sure enough, when I went to go check it out, there it was! It was hidden away due to its sign not being up yet outside, so it’s almost like a you have to be a local to the neighborhood to know that it’s there.

I went in, befriended the owner, and made myself at home while he made me my favorite drink, a cafe Azteca (espresso + Abuelita chocolate = AMAZING). I have definitely found my new hangout spot. I can see myself spending a lot of time there now:


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