blogger boot camp: still alive, still sore.

I’m still not exactly sure why I thought this would be a good idea, but I decided to sign up for what is essentially a “blogger boot camp.” I get to go to boot camp for free and blog about it. Sounds easy, right?

Yeah, that’s where you’re wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong.

I showed up promptly at 8:30 a.m. this past Saturday for the boot camp taking place in Lincoln Park. It was me, along with 3 other ladies who have clearly done this before, and our awesome instructor Ryan.

Of course, I was destined to be the straggler of the group. And at several points I feel like I was possibly dying and had to catch my breath/stop my heart from exploding out of my chest. People, I am crazy out of shape and boot camp was quite the wake-up call.

But I have to say, it wasn’t horrible. Ryan is not a drill sargent and didn’t demand that I keep up. I feel like yelling at me would not help my body ease into the hour-long workout or really motivate me in any way to continue, anyway. No instead, Ryan was insanely patient with me and told me to let myself get used to it. You really can’t get the most out of boot camp if you pass out 15 minutes in, right?

So it’s Monday morning and I’m sitting in my cubicle at my contract job and man, my legs are sore. They’ve been sore all weekend. But not a terrible kind of sore. Ryan suggested I start going jogging/running after work to keep my heart rate up and help myself adjust to working out again, which kind of sounds like a good idea.

So am I sticking it out at boot camp? Well, I’m going to try. I don’t like being a quitter. Also, Ryan has my phone number now and would probably guilt-trip me into showing up anyway. So let’s see what happens next weekend, when I attempt this again and also try and make my way to Lollapalooza that same day.


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