highs and lows.

The fact that I made it to Friday in (relatively) one piece is a miracle in and of itself. This week has been pretty exhausting, disappointing and overall really, really lame, with only a few high points thrown in. Sigh. Oh well. I think I’ll only focus on the awesome and not bring anyone down with how awful things have been.

On Tuesday, after racing through ridiculous traffic and running home, I found myself at the House of Blues for the first time in YEARS. No seriously, I think I was still underage the last time I was there. And the show I went to was probably Panic! at the Disco. SHUT IT. Anyway… Jamie invited me to join her in seeing the Gaslight Anthem and there was no way I would say no. And although Tuesday was by far the worst day this week, catching a good show and drinking my favorite beer more than helped make up for it.

And last night was Cafe Magazine’s All in White Party. As a devoted freelancer, I had promised my editor that I would go. So I bought a white skirt at the last possible minute (totally returning it too, since I’m probably never, ever going to wear it again), threw it together with a white blouse and headed to the 1028 Gallery. There, I had some drinks, goaded the magazine’s freelance graphic designer into drinking (even though he never drinks), and took some pictures before heading home to crash at around 11. I would have stayed longer but I’m fairly certain that I will actually turn into a pumpkin if I stay out past midnight these days.

(Me and Judd before I got him a little drunk. Sorry Judd!)

And now it’s Friday, thank goodness. I plan on doing very little tonight, since I’ll be spending my weekend hanging out at Wicker Park Fest and completely ignoring the fact that it’s my birthday. I also have my first boot camp on Saturday morning and I’m fairly certain I’m not going to survive. But if I do, I’m totally going to Swirlz and getting myself a non-birthday cupcake. So, hooray for the weekend!


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