i need more naps.

Man, where have I been all week? Oh that’s right, I’ve been driving to the ‘burbs and back, working my butt off from 9 to 6. The only thing I’m happy about is that this first week of this job should be able to cover the majority of my rent, so yay for not being (terribly) broke, if nothing else.

I’ve been pretty exhausted though and have been crashing really early all week (like, around 10:30 which is crazy early to me). I hope I survive next week, which is full of shows, boot camp, an interview, writing and a party to attend. I might not though, so be sure to say your goodbyes before Friday, if I even make it that far into the week.

So this weekend, I think I’ll try and take it easy. You’ll most likely find me on my couch wrapped in my favorite sweatshirt. Mostly because I need to relax but also because a chunk of Chicago is flooded thanks to the crazy amount of rain we got yesterday and I don’t much feel like dealing with that.

I’ll have plenty to talk about soon enough, since next week will be bananas and next weekend I’m turning 24 (!!!) but more on all that later.

[image: weheartit]


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