summer sunday thoughts.

I hate to admit this but, I really would have liked to have gone to Pitchfork this weekend. There were a few bands I really would have liked to see (among them, LCD Soundsystem and Modest Mouse), so either the line-up is getting better or I’m getting indie-r. I’m honestly not sure which one bothers me more. Oh well. If I can somehow make a miracle happen and attend Lollapalooza, I’ll be golden.

So instead, I spent this weekend NOT sweating to death in my A/C-less apartment because my awesome landlady hooked me up with a studio in Lakeview, in the building where she works. So at least for 3 nights, I slept blissfully. Tonight, it’s back to sweating all over my sheets but at least this issue will FINALLY be resolved come Monday. So here’s hoping that by the time I come home that evening, I won’t be forced to melt on my couch.

The picture above is of latest neighborhood discovery: the reincarnated Filter. I used to love this place in college, back when it was still at the 6 corners off the Damen stop. Alas, it lost its spot to Bank of America back in 2007. But, it has since returned further down Milwaukee and within reasonable walking distance from my apartment. It’s huge and so, so pretty in here. I think I’m a new fan of this place, despite the fact that I think my presence here is only accepted because I have a Macbook and have a visible tattoo. Although Starbucks is so much closer (just down the block from my place), I think it’ll be worth the trek over here.

I have a few things I could talk about, but instead, I’ll get some work done before heading out to get groceries and having a glass of wine while watching True Blood tonight. It’s going to unbelievably muggy, but I guess I can just pretend I’m in hanging in Louisiana while I watch? And then I have to try and get some rest because I start a new temp gig bright and early tomorrow morning. Yaaaay. That was my attempt at being enthusiastic about this. I need the money, so I’m not allowed to complain, even though I probably will. If I’m lucky, this first week will fly by and then I can enjoy the following week, which is full of shows, parties and weekend hangs. Also, I TURN 24 in two weeks. Gah. But we won’t go into that just yet.


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