a little bit of perspective.

So, I have this really silly tendency of getting a little emo every now and then. Between FINALLY landing a full-time temp gig (employment!) and then immediately having the A/C in my apartment crap out and various other little things, I suddenly become a “the glass is half empty” kinda gal. For whatever reason, sometimes it’s just really hard to look on the bright side, no matter how hard I try. The past week or so have been a bit of a struggle.

So, I’m always glad when I stumble across a little perspective. Because sometimes that’s all you need. That and maybe some iced coffee. Or a glass of wine. But mostly perspective.

My life is NOT terrible. I know it takes time to adjust to big changes but I’m impatient at best and honestly, just get frustrated when things don’t manifest as quickly or as smoothly as I would like them to. But honestly, I need to remember to just be thankful for the things I do have. I’m living in my favorite city again, in a cute (albeit currently muggy and sticky) apartment in Wicker Park and will as of Monday, have some semblance of a decent income for a few weeks.

So, my new mantra is: BE GRATEFUL.

Alright. Coming up blog-wise: taking on a new, huge feature for Cafe (one of the magazines I freelance for) and tackling a blogger boot camp challenge (as suggested by the lovely Jamie, who also signed up). Basically, I’m doing a free boot camp for a month and the tweeting/blogging about my slow death because of it.  Should be fun! Stay tuned.

[image: brandonzeman.com]


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