cupcake crawl!

So after what was pretty much a sub-par week, it was decided by my new amazing friend Jamie and I (as well as the super lovely WG2) that a cupcake crawl was in order. What is a cupcake crawl, you ask? Well, it’s like a bar crawl, only with delicious little pastries instead, which in my mind, are way more awesome than beer.

Lincoln Park (or as I like to call it, the “dogs and babies” neighborhood) is home to a handful of great little bakeries so off we went. First stop was Sweet Mandy B’s, which I won’t lie, kinda disappointed me this time around. I stopped by earlier this year with some friends and they had so many more cupcakes to choose from. But as Jamie pointed out, the super cute guy with tattoos behind the register definitely helped.

We attempted to check out Swirlz, which was sadly closed due to it being Sunday. Next up was Molly’s Cupcakes, which my buddy Mai has NOT stopped talking about since I moved back to Chicago. While the cupcakes were a little pricer, the selection was well worth it. Mine was a super yummy peanut-butter nutella concoction:

Jamie got her hands on a strawberry shortcake cupcake:

And WG2 got a yummy mint chocolate cupcake:

The cupcake itself could have been a little bit more moist but the frosting made up for it, so I give Molly’s my seal of approval.

Already overloaded with sugar, we still decided to check out Southport Grocery where I opted to get a bite-size cupcake truffle, which was really tasty. I’ll definitely need to go back when I get the chance.

Now, as nerdy as this is going to sound, I decided to check in on foursquare at each one of our stops. I follow TLC on foursquare and thanks to them, was presented with this nifty little badge at the end of our crawl:

Oh that’s right. You’re reading a cupcake connoisseur’s blog. Being the super huge nerd that I am, I was slightly thrilled to “earn” this badge. And by slightly, I mean incredibly.

So yes, Sunday (along with late night BBQ-ing with my friend Emily and her roomies on Saturday night) made for a very nice weekend. I am unfortunately, still feeling sick. I think I’ve been coughing for about two weeks and am semi-convinced I have the plague. Or consumption. Or some other disease that doesn’t even really exist in modern times anymore but I still managed to catch. It’s probably just the longest sinus infection ever, but you never know. I was feeling icky all day today, but still managed to drag myself to the far West ‘burbs for an interview. And guess who got offered the job? This girl, right here! It’s a temporary copy-editing job but as a struggling freelancer, I am beyond excited to be employed because I’ve got bills to pay. Here’s hoping that something a little more permanent is just around the corner.


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