So somehow, it’s already July, which is slightly mind-blowing. Where did June go? Where did the first half of 2010 go, really?

I won’t lie, I’m feeling a little stressed these days. More than anything, I just want to find a little bit of stability, income-wise. I’m hopeful that something comes of my latest interviews and applications. My life feels like a series of cover letters and resumes, but that’ll end soon enough. So fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to let myself actually have some worry-free fun. I’m catching up with friends this week and started last night with Carla, by getting dinner in Logan Square with her and her BF Alex. The tapas restaurant we went to, Azcuar!, was really delish and I finally got my hands on some sangria:

This is basically the ultimate summer drink for me. I prefer white wine to red but cannot resist a classic glass of sangria. I hope that it’s the first of many in the coming months.

Today, I had lunch with my buddy Abraham and tomorrow night, I’ll be heading out to Lincoln Park with friends. Then Saturday, Angela and I will be partaking in everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure by watching Eclipse (in the afternoon and hopefully teenager-free). Then of course Sunday will most likely be filled with shenanigans thanks to it being the 4th of July. So clearly, I have no time to worry if I’m going to be enjoying myself, right?


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