adventures in journalism.

This past Tuesday, I got into a car and drove to Denver. Not randomly though. I’m fortunate enough to have been sponsored by OnStar to travel to Denver for the NAHJ conference. I’ve been a member since I was in college and helped establish the student chapter at my school, something I’m still pretty proud of. This is my first time attending the conference ever, and as a professional instead of as a student.

Since OnStar is my sponsor, I (along with 3 others) roadtripped from Chicago to Denver in a fully-equipped car and drove for two days (we stopped in Omaha the first night). I gotta say that there’s nothing all that spectacular about driving through Iowa and Nebraska but here are some of the more interesting images I snapped on my phone:

Iowa is apparently home to HUUUGE wind turbines.

This was somewhere called Kearney, Nebraska. Riveting, I know.

Denver itself is a nice city. For some reason, it really reminds me of Austin, but on a slightly larger scale. I haven’t wandered around too much (the hotel I’m staying at is directly across the street from the convention center) but I have had lunch and dinner around town and snapped this pretty shot in Larimer Square:

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference and I feel like I’ve taken a significant amount of information away from it. I always enjoy learning about new technology (I’m slightly obsessed with finding new apps for my iPhone)  and meeting new people. I’ve never been that great at networking, but it’s still really great to meet people from my field and with similiar backgrounds.

I hope to get a few more pictures to post tomorrow. I’m not exactly looking forward to the journey back on Sunday, considering we have to drive all 15 hours in one day instead of breaking it up to be back by Monday. But this has been a great experience and a nice little start to my summer. :)


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