For the most part, I think Wicker Park usually gets a bad rep. It’s the land of the hipsters, granted, but from what I can tell, it’s a pretty great neighborhood. I’ve already checked out their farmer’s market last weekend and today, I went to a few free classes courtesy of Learnapalooza. It’s a great local event that allows you to sign up for as many classes you want to learn new things. So I decided to check out two things I’ve never done before: meditation and knitting.

My first class was meditation at 12. It’s not exactly a photo-friendly course, so I snapped a picture of the instructor setting up before the class started.

It was really interesting. The instructor discussed how meditation works and what you should try when practicing, before leading the group in two 10 minute sessions. I actually found the whole practice pretty soothing and it’s something I’d definitely be trying again in the future.

At 2, I went to my next class, which was knitting at a local store, nina. I didn’t know how I would do at first but after some practicing, I found that I’m a pretty big fan.

I learned how to do a typical stitch and how to do pearling, which is a bit more difficult and will require a bit more practice. I first tried knitting with smaller needles and yarn, then switched to larger needles and thicker yarn, which right now I’m a bigger fan of.

I bought my own yarn and had Nina, the store owner, help me start my new solo project, a scarf for yours truly. I think I’ve found a new summer hobby and will hopefully have a bunch of cute accessories ready just in time for the fall. This is also probably my first of many fun crafting classes since I’ve always not so secretly wanted to l earn how to be crafty.

I wish I had a bit more time to settle into my apartment but as of Tuesday, I’ll be taking off on a road trip to Denver to attend the NAHJ conference and will be gone for almost a week. I’m excited about the trip. Since I’ll have my laptop with me, I’ll be sure to try and update from the road and from the Rockies. Until then!


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