hello to you, new blog.

So, this is my attempt at starting over, blog-wise anyway.

I won’t lie, I’ve been guilty of blog-hopping a great deal in the past few years. All too quickly, I abandoned my personal blog from my days in Austin long before I even left the state. I barely updated and when I did, I didn’t really feel like I was saying all that much. But that might have something more to do with the fact that I became disenchanted with Austin very quickly. It’s a great city with great people, but… I was unhappy. I knew that if I wanted that to change, I’d have to pick up and do what I had intended to do at some point the future. And what was move back to Chicago.

Voila! It’s been exactly 10 days since I’ve touched down on Illinois soil, even though it feels much longer than that. I feel like I haven’t even fully comprehended that I live here now; if anything, it just feels like a long visit. My attempts at adjusting have been slow and steady. I bought a bed (and put it together by myself!). I bought groceries and other things I needed. I’ve run about the city. I’ve started working. And just this morning, my beloved Yaris joined me in Wicker Park. But it has yet to fully sink in.

I tell my mom that living here is really just like riding a bike. You never fully forget how to get around and where to go. Except that now, this is my life post-college. Completely and totally on my own and once again, thousands of miles away from my family. I am excited. I am nervous. And pretty soon, I will probably be really poor. But my current philosophy is to take life as it comes and try to have fun in the mean time.

So, the million dollar question: why that mexican girl?
Well, I feel like it’s a good description for me. My own little joke is that I was never Mexican enough for my family/where I grew up, but too Mexican for the likes of Northwestern/the Midwest/anywhere that isn’t Texas. And while no one ever actually referred to me with said description (that I know of, anyway), in my own mind, that’s how I thought of myself. Outside of that bubble I grew up in, I was THAT Mexican girl. But it wasn’t long before it became something I’m incredibly proud of.

Anyway, I have a handful of adventures lined up that I hope to share and fully believe that this summer will be pretty great.

Here goes nothing.


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